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Noncontact In Process Thickness Gauge, Width and Cross Machine Profile Gauges


Multizone fixed position differential laser thickness gauges have been produced by us since we originally developed them in 1973 as the first successful laser thickness gauge in the industrial markets.  These are complete industrial grade systems, highly accurate and reliable in harsh environments with excellent interfaceability to Allen Bradley PLCs and most popular mill net systems.  Five different O-Frame types up to 32' pass through.


Open Ended Scanning Frame Noncontact Thickness and Cross Machine Profile Gauges


We manufacture two types of open ended scanning frame thickness/profile gauges, one with a simple retract to calibrate on command function and one with a digital drive that provides for cross machine profiling of continuous operations.  This is the only open end ended scanning frame available that is stable under varying ambient temperatures. Thermal movement of the frame throat is a serious accuracy problem with any "C frame" thickness gauge.


Unitized Cross Machine Multizone O-Frame Noncontact Thickness/Profile and Edge Profile/Width Gauges


These machines will generate precision cross machine thickness profiles at 15"/second and throughput speeds exceeding 800 feet/minute.  Digital position drives provide sophisticated accelerate/decelerate ramp functions.  These systems readily interface with Allen Bradley PLCs and most popular mill net systems.  An Edge Profile/Width Gauge is seen in front of a Cross Machine Profile Gauge in the photo.

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