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1000 Series Fixed Position Multizone Thickness Gauges


Accurate, Reliable, Proven


  • The 1000 Series multizone laser thickness gauges are primarily installed in wood fiber based panel manufacturing operations and readily applicable to sawmill size control as well.  These systems have been updated and upgraded numerous times since they became the first successful industrial laser thickness gauges in 1974.  There are hundreds installed, some have already proven longevity in excess of 25 years.  Todays 1000 Series Thickness Gauges are current technology, microcontroller driven systems that are readily interfaced to Allen Bradley PLCs and most popular mill net systems.  There are no imbedded PCs in these systems, thereby eliminating the primary risk of product obsolescense.  They will readily port data to PCs, communicate with the plants mill net for recipe changes, etc.  External PC based archival systems are available as options.

The dependable accuracy of these systems is your best solution for maximizing recovery in your plant.  Any error in a thickness based control system reflects directly on the process capability of the plant and therefore, its profitability.


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