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The Model 506 Quality Assurance System

  Blow Delamination Detector 506

506 Receiver Delamination Detection

506 Transmitter Delamination Detection

506 Trienco Delamination Detection



  • Shown here at the press exit location in a Medium Density Fiberboard plant along with a companion Model 1000 Laser Thickness Gauge, the 506 is the original aircoupled, noncontact inprocess ultrasonic inspection system in the forest products industry.  It was developed at the request of the American Plywood Association and is now broadly applied to nearly all facets of wood fiber based panel manufacturing.  
  • Around 400 of these units have been installed and have collectively accumulated millions of on-line 24/7 operating hours.  The design of the 506 supports form, fit and function continuing services and this has made it very resistant to obsolescence.  There have been updates to the system electronics from time to time during its life span, but the updates are all of the same physical form and function  as the earlier units.  This means that a circuit board, containing completely different components than its predecessor can be plugged in to replace it and the system will function as originally designed.  A circuit board manufactured in 2010 will fit and function in a unit built in 1975., with no modifications to the system.  The result is immunity from forced obsolescense and the lowest cost of ownership possible.  The 506 has no imbedded PCs and is therefore simple and robust.
  • The 506 has been in continuous production since its original development in 1973 and receives full parts and service support.  Quite a number of these systems have been in continuous operation for over 30 years.  There is a robust demand for used 506 units and we try to support these demands from trade ins.  We rebuild the trade ins to new specification and provide the same warranty that a new unit has.  They are very attractively priced.
  • We manufacture models today that are considerably more sophisticated and capable than the 506.  They exhibit current state of the art technology  and readily interface with Allen Bradley PLCs and most popular Mill Net Systems.  These systems replace the 506 where the plants and process requirements needs have grown past what the 506 System was designed to do.  Please have a look at the other systems displayed on this website or contact us if you have requirements that are not compatible with these systems.  We do not display all available technologies on our website.


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