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The Heartbeat of the 3000 Series Thickness and Profile Gauges.






All New, Sophisticated Front End


  • The 3000 Series Gauges feature a completely new electronics package based on the microchip shown on the left.  This microchip is used to replace 12 active circuit boards plus a motherboard in a five differential zone system as well as eliminating a necessary PC.
  • Many contacts and connections are eliminated throughout the system hardware.
  • Increased functionality, greater sophistication, ease of interfacing all occur at a reduced cost.

Proven Sensor Technology, Proven Scanning Frames


  • The laser based digital sensor heads used in these systems are the same high quality, robust sensor heads used in the 1000 Series systems, with a microchip upgrade in them as well.  The internal microchip upgrade provides increased capability to measure a wider range of types of products and transmits self diagnostic information as well.  Same reliable lasers, Same high quality glass computer derived optics, Same dimensionally stable housing package.  

Scanner Frames are a Critical Component of Accurate In Process Measurement.


  • Our Laser Thickness Gauges include Scanner Frames that are a result of over 35 years experience, having been the original developer of the first successful industrial laser thickness gauge in 1974.  Our Thickness Gauge Scanner Frames preserve the accuracy and reliability of our well respected laser measurement sensors and are a key component of an accurate, reliable 24/7 process control input.  Any inaccuracy  in a thickness based process control input will be directly reflected in the plant's conversion efficiency and therefore will be a factor brought to the bottom line.  We work very hard at maximizing profit at each and every customer's plant.


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