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A 5600 Series Quality Assurance System located on a sander outfeed.

  Trienco Inc Blow Delamination Detector

5600 Receiver Delamination Detection

5600 Transmitter Delamination Detection


The Second Generation of Aircoupled Ultrasonic Systems


  • The 5600 Series aircoupled ultrasonic internal defect detectors foundation was developed in 1995.  The core of the 5600 development was the development of entirely new transducer materials, the Akoustica Dynar and Akoustica Sensar groups.  The 5600 responded to the need to test ever increasingly thick materials as they evolved in the forest products industry.
  • Powerful Transmitters, Variable Frequency, Sophisticated Signal Processing.    The 5600 develops a minimum of 6 times the transmitter energy as the 506 systems and has up to 50 times the signal to noise ratio.  Variable frequency function enhances marginal defect detection and the crisply collimated beam patterns sharply define defect edges.  The Akoustica Dynar transmitters are ideally acoustic impedance matched to transfer the maximum amount of energy into the surrounding air.  This transfer efficiency is much greater than can be achieved with ceramic piezoelectric devices and the Akoustica series are not susceptible to signal degradation due to heat as are many piezoceramic transducers.
  • A Digital System, the 5600 utilizes an imbedded  PC to create a recipe driven system, extensive system diagnostics and graphic displays of product integrity.  The 5600 features a sensor update rate of 100 samples per second per sensor.


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