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Noncontact, Nonintrusive, Nonnuclear Cross Machine Thickness Profile


Unitized O-Frames or Open Ended Scanning Frames


  • These systems utilize our very accurate, proven laser thickness sensors.  The scanning frame is a digitally controlled manipulator that provides standard cross machine traverse rates of 15 inches/second.  They incorporate the 3000 series electronics and readily interface to Allen Bradley PLCs and most popular mill net systems.  They produce an accurate, high resolution cross machine profile of web thickness and can accommodate line speeds in excess of 800 feet/minute.  
  • These systems are fully capable of all design functions without connection to a PC, thereby avoiding a major source of uncontrollable obsolescense.  They are readily interfaceable.  
  • Please review the other pages in this section for more information.  Feel free to contact us regarding any questions about your application.


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