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5700 Series Multizone Quality Assurance System

  Blow Delamination Detector


The result of a major technology update and capability upgrade, these systems are the most user friendly of all and represent the most current technology available.  Significant additional benefits are:


  • Readily interfaced to Allen Bradley PLCs and to all popular mill net systems.  The system will port all data it develops and provides for ready two way communication with the plant mill network.  Recipe changes are easily downloaded from the mill network.
  • No imbedded PCs in the system.  This eliminates the major cause of forced obsolescence, eliminating any exposure to either PC hardware, operating systems or other associated software.
  • No harddrives are involved, thereby eliminating a certain to occur long term failure.
  • System sensors may be located at will anywhere in the scanning frame, yet cannot be misaligned after startup.
  • The systems ultrasonic transducers are even more rugged and high performance.  The transmitters generate ten times the energy output of the original system and the signal to noise ratio is fifty times greater.  This provides for reliable defect detection in very adverse, harsh environments.
  • The system transducers are not affected by heat as are many types of piezoceramic devices.  The system transducers are extremely well impedance matched to efficiently couple their energy into air, a characteristic not possible with piezoceramic devices.  The Automation Industries Akoustica (tm) series transducers can be rebuilt if damaged, piezoceramic devices are destroyed if damaged.  
  • The optional defect marker is physically separate from the scanning system and remotely located, eliminating marker residues buildup on the system sensors.  The marker is readily accessed and has improved filtration to enhance troublefree operation.

There are many more great features associated with the 5700 series Quality Assurance Systems.  We would be pleased to discuss them with you at your facility.


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