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Noncontact Aircoupled Bond Inspection on Coextruded Web

  Carlisle Blow Delamination Detrctor


5700 Series Cross Machine Web Scanning Systems


  • The cross machine web scanning systems utilize multiple sensors to reduce the length and time for a cross machine scan stroke to complete.  These machines are typically driven with a high torque microstepping stepper motor and feature sophisticated accelerate and decelerate ramps at the beginning and end of scan.  Standard cross machine scan speed is 15 inches/second.  Sensor update rates of up to 135 per second per sensor assure excellent coverage of the product even at throughput rates of 600fpm.  
  • Early detection of the trend towards unacceptable bond can provide for PREEMPTIVE action on some production lines, actually providing for corrective measures to be taken prior to the product  failing to meet bond strength specifications.
  • These machines now are devoid of any imbedded PCs and provide full specification function without connection to a PC, thus eliminating the risk of obsolescense associated with PCs and their operating systems software.  They are readily interfaceable to PCs and current technology PLCs.  PC based archival software is available as an option.  The 5700 series systems are recipe driven and will accept recipe selection download from the plants mill net system.


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