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Aircoupled Ultrasonics Technologies Nondestructive Testing Applications


Applications Specific Technology


  • Automation Industries Corporation is the only company, to our knowledge, that has the capability to develop aircoupled ultrasonic sensors to meet the needs of specific applications,  Because of our long history (1973) and as the original developers of this technology in the materials nondestructive evaluation field,  we have both the development capability as well as a spectrum of transducers off the shelf, ready to be applied to your unique application.



  • Wood Fiber Based Panels of all types.
  • Engineered Wood Fiber Based Products.  (Structural Materials)
  • Engineered Hardwood Flooring.
  • Engineered Flooring Laminates.
  • Gypsum Board (Lack of Fill).
  • Coextrusions.
  • Corrugate Laminates.
  • Honeycomb materials.
  • Ablatives
  • Rubber Based Products, including Tire Carcasses and Belt Sleeves.
  • Composites.
  • Plastics





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