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Scanner for locating Internal Lack of Fill Defects in Gypsum Board

  Blow Delamination Detector Gypsum Board

The photograph shows the prototype of a high frequency, aircoupled scanner designed to provide 100% coverage of specified areas in a gypsumboard web.  The prototype has proven the ability to detect these types of defects at process  line speeds exceeding 600fpm.  Protective covers are removed from the photographed machine in order to show a suggested layout of sensor clusters.


  • This unit utilizes 5700 series sensor processing electronics and provides excellent interface capabilities.  The scanning frame is application specific and is considerably more sophisticated than is apparent in the photograph.  The sensors associated with this scanner are of an application specific design and have not  been employed in an actual on-line system.  This development project is currently tabled due to the generally poor economy in the industrial markets.  If you have interest in the capability of this product for your operations, please contact us.


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