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We're There When You Need Us....and have been for over 35 years!










Primary Directives


  • We follow three primary directives associated with continuing services:
  • Design to minimize the probability of a product failure.
  • Provide the Maximum Level of customer self sufficiency.
  • Provide for quick and simple isolation of problems when they do exist.

On Site Support


  • We are centrally located for the North American continent.
  • We have excellent availability of air travel services.
  • We can normally be at your site within hours if necessary.
  • We'll drive to your site if that makes more sense.

Bench Repairs/Test and Calibration Services


  • It is our policy to turn repairs sent to our facility within 24hrs of receipt.  We seldom fail to do this.

Exchange and Replacement Parts


  • We maintain an exchange program for most parts.  We'll ship you a reconditioned part from stock in exchange for your non working part, which will then be reconditioned and become exchange stock.
  • We maintain shelf stock of new parts in full support of our products in the field.  Order by 1:00pm Mountain time and we'll ship your part same day by FedEx.
  • For key path systems, we provide a recommended spares list to be locally stocked.  If desired, we will set up a program to locally buffer those items with inventory retained by us.


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