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Foam, Rubber and Plastics, Control Shapes Exiting the Extruder




Adjust Die Bolts with Immediate Feedback


  • An example of controlling the flatness and overall thickness of a foam sheet exiting an adjustable die extruder.  Note the display of thickness profile with the cross machine position of the gates.  The bottom display shows the actual shape of the individual top and bottom surfaces, useful in detecting and locating the source of unwanted grooves and other anomolies.  The profile scan is a differential  measurement with a cross machine scan speed up to 15"/second.  The 3000 series of these machines interfaces readily with plant mill net systems and Allen Bradley PLCs.  Full crossmachine profile data is available to the mill net.
  • Proven, Industrial Grade System.  Please see the other pages in the Thickness Control Section of this website.  Got a shape to control??  This system can do it for you, 24/7.







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