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Industrial Precision Noncontact Laser Thickness and Cross Machine Profile Gauges








Sensor Technology


  • There are a number of requirements that must be met in order to consistently produce accurate, noncontact thickness measurements.  As in any instrumentation, the accuracy, reliability and repeatability of a laser based thickness gauge is first determined by the accuracy, reliability and repeatability of the sensor.  In the photo to the left, there are two laser thickness measurement heads.  The one on the left is built in  a solid machined, normallized and stress relieved housing, using precision computer derived glass lenses that result in near perfect linearity at the sensor.  The sensor is digital, wherein 1 pixel = 0.001".  No fit to curve linearization is needed or used.  It mounts with 1/2" bolts.  The laser thickness measurement head on the right is built in a plastic housing, uses plastic lenses, is substantially nonlinear and requires a computer to "adjust" its readings based on a nonlinear curve.  It mounts with #10 machine screws.  The accuracy of the one on the left is specified in thousandths of an inch over its full range.  The one on the right specifies accuracy as a percentage of full scale range.  We manufacture the sensor head on the left.
  • The mechanical and thermal stability of the scanning frame is a major factor in achieving reliable, accurate in process thickness, profile and width measurements.  Our thickness/profile gauges come complete with those problems solved.
  • Dust, vapors, vibration, ambient lighting, compatiblity with the application are all factors in the dependable accuracy of a thickness gauge.  Our gauges arrive with these problems solved.
  • We do not ship a box of parts, i.e. two sensors and some electronics, leaving you the responsibiltiy of producing an accurate measurement.  Our thickness gauges arrive in a semi, crated,  and weigh 1500 to 4000 lbs rather than by UPS in a cardboard box.  There is a difference in content, engineering and  know how.

Industrial Applications


  • All types of wood fiber based panels
  • Wood fiber based structural billets
  • Sawn or planed lumber
  • Paperboard
  • Corrugated Stocks
  • Gyspum Board
  • Foam Board
  • Ceiling Tiles
  • Inorganic Panels (cement board, etc.)
  • Rubber Extrusions
  • Some Plastics Extrusions
  • Composites

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