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Examples of Aircoupled Nondestructive Testing Systems.  We produce numerous types.


Fixed Position Aircoupled Arrays for Process Line Widths Up to 12'

5700, Blow Delamination Detector

   The 5700 Series Systems represent state of the art ultrasonic transducers, with transmitters 10 times more powerful than its predecessor, sophisticated signal processing, very interfaceable.  Various option packages available.  Readily handles many applications involving thick, difficult to penetrate materials.

Cross Machine Scanning Arrays for Continuous Process Lines up to 15' Wide

  Roofing membrane, Blow Delamination Detector

This system features 5700 series ultrasonics and electronics and a programmable digital drive.  The machine provides web coverage from side to side.  It readily handles many coextrusions, fiberglass, carbon fiber, honeycomb, corrugated and other modern laminates.

Application Specific Unit for Engineered Hardwood and Laminate Flooring

  Hardwood Floors, Blow Delamination Detector

This mini sized version inspects engineered hardwood flooring and other strip laminates at full moulder exit speeds and throughput.

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