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Continuing Services 


On Site Startup and Commissioning Assistance and Continuing Services


We'll get you started out right by providing on site installation supervision, verification of proper wiring and function and participate in proof of performance testing following startup.  We have an installed base throughout North America and in 26 foreign countries,  all provided with on site continuing services, proven by a 35+ year track record.

Utilization and Maintenance Training


We'll provide troubleshooting and maintenance training at startup, during on site field services, and on request.  We like to have your people as knowledgeable as possible because, after all,  your on site availability will always be the best there is.  We'll also give you suggestions with regard to maximize your benefit from the equipment.  This sometimes deserves prescheduled visits.

Components Repair,  Components Exchange, New Spare Parts, Phone and email Support

  Spare Parts, Blow Delamination Detector=

We have a policy that requires us to turn around your repaired parts within 24 hours after our receipt.  We can often offer exchange components shipped same day if you place your order by 1:00 mountain time.  We provide phone and email troubleshooting assistance free of charge for up to 10 hours.  New spare parts have off the shelf availability 99%+ of the time.

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