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Sensor Technologies/ Physical Phenomena

  • Ultrasound
  • We have extensive experience in the field of ultrasonics, with current in house experience dating forward from 1966.   We are knowledgable in the areas of contact, couplant and air coupled applications of ultrasound to the nondestructive testing of materials.  Our company is the original developer of successful aircoupled nondestructive testing technology, having produced and installed the first industrial rated such system in 1973.  Although we have broad experience in the applications of ultrasound, aircoupled nondestructive testing of low and intermediate density materials is an area we have speciallized in.  We have manufactured hundreds of sophisticated systems used in process to detect the internal characteristics of various materials.  Our ultrasonic transducers are proprietary technology, designed and manufactured by us to meet the specific needs of numerous applications and operational environments.  We are well versed in manufacturing systems suited to withstand harsh industrial environments and to support high throughput needs.
  • Lasers, Photonics and Optoelectronics
  • Our company developed the first successful industrial laser thickness gauge in 1974.  We have extensive experience is this area with in house experience dating forward from 1968.  Our laser thickness gauges are complete systems packaged for heavy industrial applications and 24/7 use directly on manufacturing process lines.  We have many iterations of this technology that have been designed for specific process needs.  These include large scale, fixed position arrays as well as cross machine shape and profile scanning.  Our installed base of this type product also numbers in the hundreds.  We have proven product life in both our ultrasonic and our laser technologies that exceeds 25 years.  Both systems provide a low cost of ownership.
  • Electronics Hardware
  • We design and manufacture the supporting electronics for the above mentioned systems and have been manufacturing electronics since 1973.  We utilize antistat procedures and most of our electronics are mil spec quality, hence the very long life of our products.  This quality level even extends to the product wiring.  We have numerous systems in the field that are over 30 years old with no degradation of wiring insulation whatsoever.  Our electronics is packaged in gasketed NEMA enclosures and is designed to tolerate industrial environment temperature ranges, as well as humid and dusty environments.
  • Software/Firmware
  • We design and manufacture the software necessary to support our systems products.  We began manufacturing software in 1985 and are experienced in high speed, real time, multitasking systems.  We are not systems integrators nor do we accept custom software work not associated with our hardware.  Our software supports the local system needs and provides connectivity out to the mill net data acquisition and/or control systems.  We do not use third party software.


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