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Scanner for locating Internal Damage and Defects in Truck Tire Casings Prior to Retreading

  Tire Damage scanner Prior to Retreading, Blow Delamination Detector

This machine is the result of a joint venture with the Oliver Rubber Company.  Due to a contractural event that occurred when Oliver Rubber Company's parent was taken over, our company became the sole owner of the technology and the joint venture.  One hundred and thirty two of these machines were manufactured by us under the joint venture agreement.


  • This machine utilizes application specific aircoupled ultrasonic transducers, electronics and mechanisms designed by our company.  The result of the design is that the machine has numerous unique, beneficial characteristics.  Some of them are listed below.
  • The tire does not have to be mounted for the inspection process.  It is simply placed on the rollers that rotate the tire.
  • The casing does not have to be buffed prior to inspection.
  • The inspection cycle time in the machine's present form is about 2 1/2  minutes, depending on the size of the tire.  Once the inspection cycle is initiated, the machine does not have to be attended.
  • The machine prints a yellow, high contrast dot matrix plan view directly over the defect, providing for its ready location and repair, if repair is possible.
  • The machine will locate a number of defects that other technologies cannot, has a faster cycle time, does not require sophisticated interpretation of results and can be substantially more cost effective.
  • Some of the types of defects the machine will locate are:  Cut growth, Belt edge separations, internal belt separations, Lack of adhesion due to poor repair practices,  Undercured bonding gum, Rust growth from cuts, Separated inner liner and loose inner liner splices, Sidewall steel cord separations, Broken radial steel cords, Sidewall separations, Shoulder separations, and  "Zipper tires".


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